10 Best Truck Stop Restaurants Across America for Hungry Traveler

Iowa 80 Kitchen - Walcott, Iowa

 Located at the World's Largest Truck Stop, this restaurant offers an extensive menu with hearty meals and a variety of cuisines.

South of the Border - Dillon, South Carolina

A famous truck stop with a Mexican-themed restaurant, serving tasty Tex-Mex dishes and other American favorites.

Jubitz Travel Center - Portland, Oregon

 Home to the Cascade Grill, this stop offers Pacific Northwest-inspired cuisine and a diverse menu.

I-10 Petro Stopping Center - Casa Grande, Arizona

 The Iron Skillet restaurant here is known for its all-you-can-eat buffet and homestyle cooking.

Little America - Flagstaff, Arizona

This picturesque truck stop has a charming restaurant with classic American dishes and a cozy ambiance.

North Forty Truck Stop - Holladay, Tennessee

 A popular stop along I-40, their restaurant offers Southern comfort food and delicious desserts.

Johnson's Corner - Johnstown, Colorado

Famous for its cinnamon rolls, this truck stop offers a restaurant with generous portions and homestyle cooking.

Morris Travel Center - Morris, Illinois

Featuring a sit-down restaurant, this truck stop offers a range of meals, including burgers, steaks, and comfort food.