10 Reasons to Use Vitamin C Serum

It’s safe for most skin type

Vitamin C is quite safe.Trusted Source. Topical vitamin C is generally safe for long-term use. Vitamin C exceeding 20% may cause slight skin irritation.

It’s hydrating

Ascorbic acid penetrates skin best. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, another vitamin C derivative used in skin care, reduces transepidermal water loss and hydrates skin.

It’s brightening

Vitamin C reduces pigmentation to minimize dullness.It inhibits melanin formation, decreasing dark patches and hyperpigmentation. It may also lighten skin.

It helps reduce redness

Vitamin C reduces dullness and fades pigmentation. This rejuvenates skin. Vitamin C reduces melanin. Melanin colors skin.

It can reduce hyperpigmentation

Melanin overproduction causes sunspots, age spots, and melasma. Acne-healed areas can also experience it.

It promotes collagen production

Collagen depletes naturally. Collagen deficiency causes fine lines and wrinkles. It is boosted by vitamin C. Collagen production requires vitamin C.

It may help prevent skin sagging

Skin firmness depends on collagen synthesis. Collagen loss can cause skin sagging. It can firm and tone drooping skin.

It protects against sun damage

Pollution and UV irradiation cause skin vitamin C depletion.Researchers aren't sure why vitamin C levels are lower in adult or photodamaged skin.

It may help soothe sunburn

Topical vitamin C, vitamin E, and other substances minimize sunburn harm. This combination reduces UV-induced inflammation as well.

It may help wound healing

Topical vitamin C speeds wound healing, as it does for sunburn. Wound healing lowers inflammation, infection, and scarring.