January 31, 2020

10 Strongest Family Dog Breeds

Saint Bernard

Male Saint Bernards can weigh 180 pounds and are very protective. It's one of the strongest breeds due to its size and strength. Family dogs include Saint Bernards.


Mastiffs are gentle giants despite their 30-inch height and 230-pound weight. The older children for these powerful, lovable dogs.


The dogs work and play hard. Their musculature shows they were working dogs. They love playing fetch and are quite playful. They make great family pets.

Siberian Husky

Husky sled dogs haul heavy loads. They are playful and enthusiastic at home.


These pups are devoted, loving, and hardworking. They are agile and powerful while weighing 65–80 pounds. They work well with older kids.

Great Dane

Hill's classifies Great Danes as working or guardian. Despite their size, they are friendly and lively.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These muscular, fast dogs are skilled hunters and powerful athletes. Don't be fooled—they're gentle.

Irish Wolfhound

You've found a graceful, muscular pup. Irish Wolfhounds are scary. It's too cute to guard. These pups are terrific family dogs.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are utilized in police enforcement, military, and protection because of their powerful bites. Adopt anyway. They love kids and make great pets.


Despite their size, Newfoundlands are gentle. When socialized, they guard children and other dogs.