12 Products That Used To Be The Best But Aren't Anymore 

BlackBerry devices were once renowned for their secure messaging and physical keyboards but have since been surpassed by more advanced smartphone platforms.

BlackBerry smartphones

Nokia was once a dominant player in the mobile phone market but struggled to keep up with the rise of smartphones, leading to a decline in popularity.

Nokia mobile phones

MySpace was once the leading social networking platform before the emergence of Facebook, losing its prominence in the social media landscape.


Blockbuster was once the go-to destination for renting movies but faced obsolescence due to the rise of streaming services like Netflix.

Blockbuster Video

Kodak was synonymous with film cameras, but the advent of digital photography led to a decline in film usage, impacting their market position.

Kodak film cameras

The PalmPilot personal digital assistant (PDA) was popular in the late 1990s but was eventually surpassed by smartphones with more advanced capabilities.


The Walkman revolutionized portable music but faced tough competition with the advent of MP3 players and eventually smartphones.

Sony Walkman

Yahoo was once a dominant internet search engine and web portal but lost ground to Google and faced challenges in adapting to changing user preferences.