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20  Foods From the 70s Most Boomers Loved Too Much

Jello Salad

A common dish at potlucks and family gatherings, Jello salads often combined fruit, vegetables, or even savory ingredients within a gelatin base.


The Swiss-inspired fondue gained popularity during this time, with communal pots of melted cheese or chocolate in which people would dip bread, fruits, or other treats.


This powdered orange drink mix, famously associated with NASA's space program, became a beloved beverage choice among Boomers.

TV Dinners

Convenient pre-packaged meals, typically consisting of a meat, vegetable, and starch, were a hit for busy families and individuals.

Hamburger Helper

This boxed mix, offering a quick and easy way to prepare a hearty meal with ground meat and pasta, gained popularity as a weeknight dinner option.

Pop Rocks

These fizzy candies, which popped and crackled in the mouth, provided a unique and fun candy-eating experience.

Pigs in a Blanket

Mini sausages or hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough or pastry became a popular appetizer or snack option.

Chicken à la King

This creamy dish, featuring diced chicken in a rich sauce served over rice or toast, was a favorite comfort food choice.