American's Top 13 Foods

Sesame chicken

Chinese eateries serve American-made fried chicken. It's covered in a honey-ketchup-soy-garlic-sesame oil sauce.


Chef Ignacio Anaya García made this bar snack by mixing tortilla chips, cheese, and jalapeño peppers to feed hungry patrons.

Seaweed salad

Japanese appetizers often include soy sauce, mirin, sesame, and yuzu juice. It's undoubtedly on American menus next to miso soup.


The World Championship Chili Cook-Off is one of the largest food competitions because people love chili. We love chili Cincinnati-style, chili con carne.

Pizza margherita

Many Italian restaurants in the US serve the basil, mozzarella, and tomato pie. The home of the pizza margherita, has a plaque in Naples for pizza lovers.


The global hummus market is estimated to reach 6.6 billion dollars from 2.95 billion. Hummus is at 45 this year, but we predict big things from the Middle Eastern dip.

Sweet potato fries

You're not alone if you light up when a waitress asks if you want standard or sweet potato fries with that.

Cheese quesadilla

Original quesadillas used masa tortillas with Oaxaca cheese. Today, several versions of this Mexican dish use flour tortillas, Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, and avocado.

Chicken tender

Chicken appears twice on this list because Americans eat eight billion chickens annually. The Scottish originated fried chicken, but a New Hampshire eatery invented chicken tenders.

Wonton soup

This Chinese food staple is popular with meal delivery customers. This dish has endured since the Qing Dynasty.

Salmon avocado roll

These sushi rolls meet the healthy eating trend of sushi and sashimi. A six-to-eight-piece salmon-and-avocado roll has over 300 calories and protein and good fat.

Bean burritos

Bean burritos topped this list, although their popularity has declined. They're Americanized Mexican dish, not found in Mexico.

Thai iced tea

Thai iced tea often contains brewed black tea, sugar, and spices including star anise, cardamom, and tamarind. For more taste, try chai tea and bubble tea.