Building A Coastal Home:  5 Tip

Architecture and interior design that represent the local nature, regional lifestyle, and residents' demands last the longest. Like mountain and lake properties, coastal residences are getaways. 

Here, the scenery is everything. These homes are perfect for calm days and weekend celebrations.

 A Southern Living-assembled team of architects, designers, and builders created North Carolina mansion that now occupies the slice of coastal heaven.

It's all about that view.

In time for the 1889 International Exposition, Gustav Eiffel's 1887 design was constructed. Wrought iron was used to build the 1,063-foot tower, which was revolutionary.

You can't have too many porches.

Paris' Louvre is the world's largest art museum. The museum opens at night twice a week in its ancient structure on the Seine. The Mona Lisa is best seen at night.

Multifunctional spaces make a home more livable.

Visitors should see Louis XIII's Palace of Versailles. Classical architecture makes Versailles a stunning sight. It features sculptures and a pond.

The right materials matter.

One of Paris' most stunning monuments is at the western end of the Champs-Élysées in Place Charles de Gaulle. All French Army victories are listed here.

Regional and vernacular design impact coastal.

Water culture can create diverse landscapes and lifestyles. Coastal villages have strikingly different architectural styles.