January 31, 2020

July's Top 8 Home Trends

Vice-Inspired Candle Set

Vice-inspired candles by MALIN+GOETZ are cheeky. The set, called 'The Vices Votives Set,' is inspired by wonderful memories and makes a great gift.

Minimalist Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo and other design-forward brands offer ergonomic office chairs for computer users. The Chinese furniture business Sihoo launched the Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair.

Minimalist Outdoor Swing

KUNDESIGN's Flow Swing is one of the most stylish outdoor swings on the market.Friends can appreciate the Flow Swing since it stimulates social engagement.

Lightweight Waffle Blanket

Cozy Earth, a sustainable firm, released a lightweight waffle blanket that will add comfort to any house while complementing the decor.

Lighting Fixture Design

Ross Gardam's alien lighting fixture sets the room's artistic vibe. This showpiece piece has intriguing sculptural sensibilities.

Customizable Book Portrait

Lagom Collection fills a bespoke home decor niche. The brand makes sharp shelf pictures of popular books. Lagom Collection's literary gifts are perfect.

Supportive Gamer Cushion

The Bauhütte Large Cushion Table BHT-700C is versatile and has storage slots on the sides for gamer supplies.

AI-Generated Interior Detailing

UK-based Tsuruta Architects unveils a magnificent contemporary home with elaborate AI-generated engravings.